Source code for gusto.limiters

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, division
from gusto.configuration import logger
from firedrake import dx, BrokenElement, Function, FunctionSpace
from firedrake.parloops import par_loop, READ, RW, INC
from firedrake.slope_limiter.vertex_based_limiter import VertexBasedLimiter

__all__ = ["ThetaLimiter", "NoLimiter"]

_copy_into_Q1DG_loop = """
theta_hat[0][0] = theta[0][0];
theta_hat[1][0] = theta[1][0];
theta_hat[2][0] = theta[3][0];
theta_hat[3][0] = theta[4][0];
_copy_from_Q1DG_loop = """
theta[0][0] = theta_hat[0][0];
theta[1][0] = theta_hat[1][0];
theta[3][0] = theta_hat[2][0];
theta[4][0] = theta_hat[3][0];

_check_midpoint_values_loop = """
if (theta[2][0] > fmax(theta[0][0], theta[1][0]))
    theta[2][0] = 0.5 * (theta[0][0] + theta[1][0]);
else if (theta[2][0] < fmin(theta[0][0], theta[1][0]))
    theta[2][0] = 0.5 * (theta[0][0] + theta[1][0]);
if (theta[5][0] > fmax(theta[3][0], theta[4][0]))
    theta[5][0] = 0.5 * (theta[3][0] + theta[4][0]);
else if (theta[5][0] < fmin(theta[3][0], theta[4][0]))
    theta[5][0] = 0.5 * (theta[3][0] + theta[4][0]);

_weight_kernel = """
for (int i=0; i<weight.dofs; ++i) {
    weight[i][0] += 1.0;

_average_kernel = """
for (int i=0; i<vrec.dofs; ++i) {
        vrec[i][0] += v_b[i][0]/weight[i][0];

[docs]class ThetaLimiter(object): """ A vertex based limiter for fields in the DG1xCG2 space, i.e. temperature variables. This acts like the vertex-based limiter implemented in Firedrake, but in addition corrects the central nodes to prevent new maxima or minima forming. """ def __init__(self, space): """ Initialise limiter :param space: the space in which theta lies. It should be the DG1xCG2 space. """ self.Vt = FunctionSpace(space.mesh(), BrokenElement(space.ufl_element())) # check this is the right space, only currently working for 2D extruded mesh if self.Vt.extruded and self.Vt.mesh().topological_dimension() == 2: # check that horizontal degree is 1 and vertical degree is 2 if self.Vt.ufl_element().degree()[0] is not 1 or \ self.Vt.ufl_element().degree()[1] is not 2: raise ValueError('This is not the right limiter for this space.') # check that continuity of the spaces is correct # this will fail if the space does not use broken elements if self.Vt.ufl_element()._element.sobolev_space()[0].name is not 'L2' or \ self.Vt.ufl_element()._element.sobolev_space()[1].name is not 'H1': raise ValueError('This is not the right limiter for this space.') else: logger.warning('This limiter may not work for the space you are using.') self.Q1DG = FunctionSpace(self.Vt.mesh(), 'DG', 1) # space with only vertex DOFs self.vertex_limiter = VertexBasedLimiter(self.Q1DG) self.theta_hat = Function(self.Q1DG) # theta function with only vertex DOFs self.w = Function(self.Vt) self.result = Function(self.Vt) par_loop(_weight_kernel, dx, {"weight": (self.w, INC)})
[docs] def copy_vertex_values(self, field): """ Copies the vertex values from temperature space to Q1DG space which only has vertices. """ par_loop(_copy_into_Q1DG_loop, dx, {"theta": (field, READ), "theta_hat": (self.theta_hat, RW)})
[docs] def copy_vertex_values_back(self, field): """ Copies the vertex values back from the Q1DG space to the original temperature space. """ par_loop(_copy_from_Q1DG_loop, dx, {"theta": (field, RW), "theta_hat": (self.theta_hat, READ)})
[docs] def check_midpoint_values(self, field): """ Checks the midpoint field values are less than the maximum and more than the minimum values. Amends them to the average if they are not. """ par_loop(_check_midpoint_values_loop, dx, {"theta": (field, RW)})
[docs] def remap_to_embedded_space(self, field): """ Remap from DG space to embedded DG space. """ self.result.assign(0.) par_loop(_average_kernel, dx, {"vrec": (self.result, INC), "v_b": (field, READ), "weight": (self.w, READ)}) field.assign(self.result)
[docs] def apply(self, field): """ The application of the limiter to the theta-space field. """ assert field.function_space() == self.Vt, \ 'Given field does not belong to this objects function space' self.copy_vertex_values(field) self.vertex_limiter.apply(self.theta_hat) self.copy_vertex_values_back(field) self.check_midpoint_values(field) self.remap_to_embedded_space(field)
[docs]class NoLimiter(object): """ A blank limiter that does nothing. """ def __init__(self): """ Initialise the blank limiter. """ pass
[docs] def apply(self, field): """ The application of the blank limiter. """ pass